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Pregnancy is a time of wonder. Knowing you and your baby are safe and looked after is vitally important.

Now imagine it’s just you and your family, giving birth in a village with no backup or support.

That’s the reality that faces many women worldwide. No midwife, no doctor, no pain relief or epidural. No help if something goes wrong.

Every year more than 300,000 women worldwide die from pregnancy and childbirth related conditions, almost all in lower and middle income countries. Mostly they die of preventable conditions like obstructed labour, bleeding or infection. They die alone and at home because they have no access to trained health workers.


About Us

My Sister’s Baby are a group of Obstetricians, Midwives and Hospitals raising awareness of the many difficulties women face in pregnancy and childbirth in Lower and Middle Income Countries.

Our aim is to help raise funds for groups who are already doing the work on the ground but whose capacity is limited by resources.

By working together with Australian women and families, we can change the experience of pregnancy from one based on fear to one grounded in confidence and joy.

Please consider supporting this work and by doing so making a real difference to a family who, just like you, dream of the safe delivery of their baby.


In this episode, Celia Hirsh chats to Dr. Browning about his recent book, his family legacy and the impact he is having on women suffering obstetric fistula.

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The Australian doctor saving the lives and dignity of thousands of women in Africa
22 June 2021 - Philanthropod - Impact Stories From a Global Community


A big thank you to North Shore Mums who published an article on us in April 2021. Thanks for spreading the word in making pregnancy safer for women all over the world.

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My Sister’s Baby: Pregnancy charity helping women
6 April 2021 - North Shore Mums